Autism ABA Services in Houston, Texas | Steps to Progress


ABA Therapy
for Autism.

Over ten years of using and understanding ABA therapy with our clients has helped us learn what works and what doesn’t in each unique situation. We train our college educated therapists to be RBT certified within two months of their employment in an intensive training process. Our officers manage the business so that our BCBAs, Case Supervisors, and therapists can focus solely on providing your child with the best therapy possible. Having a highly educated and trained team of behavioral therapists also allows us to recognize your child’s individuality early on, creating an effective environment that’s both rewarding and progressive for the child, family, and staff.

A professional team of RBT – ABA therapists, BCBA supervisors, and Case Supervisors is provided for each child. The team is trained to work together and use behavioral techniques to encourage and motivate your child to reach his or her best potential. We use different members of your child’s team, alternating therapy sessions to help better prepare your child for various situations and different faces.

Customized ABA Therapy for Autism

After your child’s initial evaluation, we develop a treatment plan with specific targets and goals to help your child address issues they may have with behaviors, communication, and social skills. We track your child’s progress with innovative software that helps guide us when choosing appropriate goals, targets, and in evaluating the effectiveness of the interventions.

What works for one child may not work for another; we evaluate and keep reevaluating every step of the way, providing new targets and goals throughout the patient’s therapy. We also believe that collaborating with family, teachers, and staff is essential to address all the different kinds of behavioral issues we encounter and help us to create customized ABA therapy plans. Our overall goal is to replace those behaviors with ones that are functional and positive while improving social skills.

Unrelenting Professional Support

Unlike many other clinics, we don’t “graduate” children at any specific time or age. If we feel your child needs continued therapy and support, we’ll keep working with you and tailoring everything to his or her individual needs. We transition clients to school and other settings based upon their individual progress, not based on a specific age. We encourage open and ongoing communication between families and their child’s Case Supervisor to discuss issues and ensure best outcomes.

FACT #11

Early intervention leads to the most successful outcomes for children affected by autism spectrum disorder.