In-home ABA Therapy in Houston, Texas | Steps To Progress


Bringing ABA

We begin services for the majority of our clients in the clinic setting so that our Case Supervisors can provide the necessary amount of support and supervision to the treatment team. Ongoing assessment of the child’s needs and skills will determine whether in-home therapy may be appropriate or needed in the future. The goal of in-home services is to provide support and training to the family in a more familiar setting.

Providing therapy in an in-home setting allows us to observe client behaviors in the family environment and design programs to address those behaviors. It also provides opportunities for additional parent and family involvement and training, as well as community outings. The long term goal for each client is to enable them to generalize their skills to the home, school, and community and be able to fully participate in family, school, and community activities.

Community Outings

Our staff can accompany your family on community outings to establish socially appropriate behaviors for your child within that setting. We also assist with client safety and behaviors related to haircuts, dental appointments, doctor appointments, and other situations that may be challenging to your child.

We notice that families tend to exclude normal family experiences in their lives because their child with autism has not learned or established social norms. In addition, unsafe and disruptive behaviors may limit the ability of our clients and their families to engage in community outings.

Attending community outings with the families we work with ensures the safety of the child, enabling the families to participate in typical activities outside of their home. The overall goal of our assistance is to teach families the necessary skills to engage in these activities with their child without the need for therapist assistance.

FACT #12

Our involvement goes above and beyond ABA therapy and beyond our walls to focus on the family and provide exceptional help.