Autism Parent Involvement Training | Houston, Texas


Is Key.

In order to take full advantage of our treatment and bring out your child’s capabilities, it’s essential that the family get involved with the implementation of therapy at home. We’ll provide you with the information, training, and intervention methods necessary to give your child the best opportunity to learn new skills and improve on problematic behaviors. Not only will your child get the encouragement from our trained ABA therapists, they’ll need the unconditional love, compassion, consistency, and positive reinforcement from the people they count on and see every day.

Proven Techniques. Outstanding Support.

The more we can help our families learn and understand how ABA therapy works and how they can help, the better we can serve the children that come to us. Parents who can learn skills in behavioral techniques and maintain them can truly be the tipping point towards progress for their child. Interacting with and helping educate parents on how they can be an extension of the clinic program is important to us.

We also strongly encourage ongoing communication between families and their child’s Case Supervisor, so that we can be knowledgeable about your child’s challenges and successes at home on an ongoing basis. The techniques and resources we provide have proven to be extremely effective in alleviating tensions and stress at both the clinic and the home when behavioral incidents arise. Families can take comfort in knowing that we will be their guide in learning how to manage every day routines, improve communication with your child, and create a happy, stress-free home for everyone.


We provide a variety of stimulation and activities to promote progress: Dedicated team members, variety in sessions, and rotations throughout the week.

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