ABA VS Occupational Therapy VS Speech Therapy: What’s The Difference?

by | Aug 27, 2021 | ABA Therapy

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, and you are looking for developmental therapies to help your child, you may be asking, “what is the difference between ABA vs occupational therapy vs speech therapy?” In the therapy world, different therapies help children develop different skills. How can these types of therapies help your children with autism? 

Occupational therapy, speech therapy, and applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy all serve different roles in the development of your children on the autism spectrum. Some therapies focus on communication skills, while others focus on motor skills or other parts of development. 

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ABA Therapy

ABA therapy stands for applied behavior analysis. According to the Manhattan Psychology Group, “Behavior Analysts develop “applied” skills that are socially significant and meaningful for children.” 

Applied behavioral analysts address the core deficits in behavior, social interaction, and communication that commonly are associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Therapy centers like Steps to Progress want to focus on building up the core behaviors that are going to benefit your child in the long run. We want to maximize your child’s learning, not teach them rote tasks. 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is defined as a form of therapy that focuses on recovering from mental disorders through the performance of activities required in everyday life. This type of therapy helps improve motor skills, cognitive skills, sensory processing, and a multitude of other skills. 

An occupational therapist evaluates your child and then identifies where the parents can incorporate ways to reinforce skills used daily. OT focuses on learning skills in the context they will use frequently while ABA Therapy teaches skills in one setting and then systematically transfer those skills to other people and settings.  

Speech Therapy

Speech and language therapy is designed to address challenges in language and communication. A speech-language pathologist works with your child to develop their verbal, nonverbal, and social skills. They begin with an evaluation, and then determine what to do from there. 

ABA and speech therapy are both used to treat speech and language difficulties. The Manhattan Psychology Group says, “ABA uses a substantial evidence base of behavioral tactics to enhance a specific behavior, while speech therapy may involve a more eclectic approach.”

ABA Therapists That Care

All of these therapy methods are useful in their own way. Each of these therapies works well together, but ABA therapy is the leading methodology that is proven to develop a great foundation for your child to develop their coordination, motor, behavioral, and development skills that will better help them throughout their life. 

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