The Advantages of In-Clinic ABA Therapy

by | Dec 4, 2020 | ABA Therapy

At Steps to Progress our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and effective services to the clients that we serve. There are multiple advantages to the Clinic-Based model for ABA therapy from both clinical and practical perspectives.

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Staff Training and Supervision

First, there’s staff training and supervision. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond in training our therapy staff – after all, only the best therapists provide the best therapy! This applies not only to our initial training process for new staff but also to ongoing training and supervision of more experienced staff throughout their careers here. This ongoing training process is best accomplished in a clinic where our Supervisors, who are all Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), can monitor and provide feedback to staff every day.

Team-Based Approach

Second, our clinic-based therapy provides the opportunity for a team-based approach. In our clinic environment, our BCBAs and Program Director can collaborate in person and be simultaneously involved in directly assessing communication skills, social skills, and behavioral interventions in real-time with both the child and their therapy team. Therapy staff also take advantage of collaboration with each other and have constant access to support and guidance from their Supervisors. Also, with our in-clinic model of therapy BCBAs assess and analyze treatment goals on a more frequent basis.

Learning New Skills

Finally, our clinic is designed to set up each child to be successful in learning new skills. This is accomplished by having individual therapy rooms and spaces that are free from unnecessary distractions.  Having individual therapy rooms for each client has been an added benefit during the COVID-19 pandemic as they allow us to safely practice social distancing. Most importantly our toy room is equipped with enough toys, activities, and games to keep each day interesting and fun for every individual.

The Many Benefits of In-Clinic ABA Therapy

At Steps to Progress, it is our goal to provide only the highest level of ABA services to our clients. We believe that an in-clinic approach in conjunction with parent involvement and training can result in the best ABA program for our clients.

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