What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

by | Jan 14, 2022 | ABA Therapy

Has your child been diagnosed with autism? Chances are your pediatrician may have suggested a therapy called applied behavior analysis. Also called ABA therapy, it is a method used to help a child with autism grow their social and emotional skills.

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Applied behavior analysis or ABA is a scientific method that has been proven to be effective in addressing the core deficits in behavior, social interaction and communication that are associated with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related disorders.

Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Simply put, ABA is a type of therapy that can greatly reduce problem behaviors exhibited by children with autism. By establishing different principles of learning and behavior strategies, behavior analysts work one-on-one with children to learn new skills. Let’s break down each part of what this means:

  • Applied – ABA interventions focus on behaviors that each child will find useful in their individual family and natural environment.
  • Behavior – Anything a child does, whether it be negative or positive behaviors.
  • Analysis – Treatment plans are established by getting to know the child, what type of behavior intervention is needed, and how much of the therapy needs to be maintained.

When to Use ABA Therapy

According to the Center for Autism, ABA helps autistic individuals improve social interactions, learn new skills, and maintain positive behaviors. For children on the spectrum, ABA is most successful when applied for more than 20 hours a week. ABA has been found to be effective in children, teens, and adults with autism.

How ABA Therapy Works

In order to find ways to reach desired behaviors, behavior analysts take careful care to create a plan where children can find success. At the onset, therapists will determine which behaviors need to change, set goals, and then establish ways to measure progress. Since every child’s set of developmental disabilities is different, ABA therapy is unique in that it is personalized to each child. While there are systemic approaches to improving social skills, treatment plans are morphed to benefit each child and their specific needs.

ABA Therapy in Houston

At Steps to Progress, we’re committed to finding innovative ways to help your children develop their social and communication skills. Our therapists are trained in applied behavior analysis and make every effort to find ways to help children excel at home and in public settings. 

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