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Gifts for Children with Autism

Can you believe Christmas is this week? If you still need to buy any last-minute gifts, we know how overwhelming it can be to go shopping, especially if you have a child with autism on your list. Here are some gift ideas guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face!

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Toys & Gifts for Children with Autism

As behavior therapists, we have used and recommended a number of games and toys geared towards kids with autism. Between finding things that they’ll enjoy for a long period of time, we also like gifts that can be therapeutic and teach fine motor skills. Many different categories of toys fit this description in this year’s gift guide! Take a look at some of our favorite toys to help choose the perfect gift for your child.

  • Pretend Play
  • Creative Stimulation
  • Physical Play
  • Sensory Toys

Pretend Play

Whether it’s pretending to cook a meal or treat a sick pet, imaginative play can be a great way to teach kids about simple everyday tasks. Take a look at some of our favorite to pretend play sets, great for both boys and girls!

Creative Stimulation

For children on the autism spectrum, it’s important to have different ways for them to express their artistic abilities. Whether it’s coloring supplies or craft kits, having your child bring their ideas to life is a great way to keep growing their sensory abilities. 

Physical Play

Interactive games that involve physical activity are a great gift for children of all ages! Many of the following gifts can be enjoyed independently or by multiple children. Plus, they can be easily set up indoors, giving children a perfect activity for rainy days!

  • Zoom Ball – This is a fun interactive game that can be enjoyed by two people. Encourages engagement with others and a nice physical activity that doesn’t take up much space! 
  • Pop-Up Play Tent – Another physical play item that can be enjoyed independently or interactively (with siblings). Add balls for a ball pit if preferred and if willing to clean up some balls flying around the house. 
  • Portable Trampoline – A great way to release some energy for kids that are more restless, but also enjoyed by all. Nice to have as an option indoors. Needs supervision but keeps kids occupied for a while. 
  • Obstacle Course Blocks – A good alternative for kids that like to climb on furniture.

Sensory Toys

Sensory stimulation is one of the top ways to help children and teens with autism reinforce function and motor skills. Here are a couple of our favorite gifts for kids, but any type of sensory toys would be enjoyed all! Examples include pin art, play foam, bubble guns, light-up toys, spiral timers, fidget toys, push pops, squishy balls, etc.

Enjoy this Holiday Season

This holiday season, we hope you have a wonderful time enjoying time with your family and friends! We’re so thankful for all of the children we’ve been able to meet this year, and look forward to all that 2022 holds.

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