Insurance & Intake Process | Steps to Progress

Insurance &
Intake Process


Phone Interview & Gathering of Client Information

To begin the intake process, please either call our main office at 713-782-1330, complete our contact form, or send an email to so that we can begin assessing your case and find out more about your child. From there, we will schedule a phone interview with you to obtain specific information regarding your child.


Verification of Insurance

After the telephone interview we will begin the insurance verification process to determine whether your policy covers ABA therapy. Once we obtain that information from your insurance company we will contact you to let you know what your policy will cover as well as what your share of costs will be under the terms of your policy. Completion of our online insurance benefits form will provide us all the information we need to determine your benefits. Should we need additional information we will contact you by phone.
Complete insurance information form here.


Schedule a Tour of Our Facility

We highly encourage you to come take a tour of our clinic with one of our Case Supervisors so that you can ask any questions you may have in person. Choosing a clinic that you feel comfortable with is essential, as this will be an ongoing relationship for the benefit of your child. We appreciate your patience and cooperation in advance as the tour will take about one hour. We ask that you not bring children to the clinic tour so that you can focus on the tour and take the time necessary to ask any questions you may want to discuss with us.


Intake Meeting

Your child’s initial assessment will be held at our clinic with you, your child, and our intake team. The purpose of the meeting will be to perform an initial assessment so that we can prepare a treatment plan to submit to your insurance company and obtain approval to provide ABA therapy for your child. This meeting is also an opportunity for us to visit further with you to determine if we are a good fit for your family. Through this initial assessment we can recommend therapy services that may fit your needs, discuss parent involvement, and talk about potential therapy schedules. We appreciate your patience and cooperation in advance as this intake assessment process will take about two hours.


We Handle Your Insurance Authorization & Renewals

After your initial assessment, we will prepare and submit the treatment plan to your insurance company, who will then authorize hours of service and provide the date services may start. Additional treatment plans will be prepared as your child progresses. Updated treatment plans are usually required by insurance companies every three to six months to continue the authorization of services.


We Begin Your Child’s Therapy

Your child’s very first session typically lasts three hours and we ask that you, the parents, be present. Your involvement and ongoing communication are essential in creating the best outcome for your child. We help you with the techniques and training to be as prepared as you can for aiding your child with their therapy both in the clinic and once back at home.


Scheduling & Progress of Your Child’s Development

After your child’s first session, he or she will begin their regular schedule for ABA therapy. In most cases we start off with fewer hours and increase hours over a period of time to allow your child to become accustomed to this new routine. We encourage open communication with the families to discuss goals and progress during their time with us. This will help increase the success of your child’s therapy program.

Early Intervention is the First Step to Success

We understand you may have many questions regarding our ABA therapy, how early you can start, and how important it is to your child’s development. Please call our office at 713-782-1330 if you’d like to learn more about our intake process, our clinic, or any other questions you may have. Our team is always happy to help.

Ready to begin? Call our office via the phone number provided above or visit our Contact page for more information about how you can reach us.

FACT #10

Autism is often viewed as complicated and frustrating disorder. Our BCBAs, Case Supervisors and therapy staff work collaboratively to help solve complex behavioral and family issues.

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