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Organizations that specialize in Autism

Books About ABA

A Work in Progress

Leaf, R.; McEachin, J. (1999). New York, DRL Books, L.L.C.

Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism

Maurice, C., Green, G., & Luce, S. (1996). Austin, PRO-ED, Inc.

Sense and Nonsense in the Behavioral Treatment of Autism: It Has To Be Said

Leaf, R.; McEachin, J.; and Taubman, M. (2008). New York, DRL Books, Inc.

Books By Authors With Autism

Thinking in Pictures

by Temple Grandin

The Autistic Brain

by Temple Grandin

Look Me in The Eye

by John Elder Robison

The Reason I Jump

by Naoki Higashida

How to Teach Life Skills to Kids with Autism or Asperger’s

by Jennifer McIlwee Myers

Books By Parents Of Children With Autism

The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

by Shannon Des Rochas Rosa and Jennifer Byde Myers

A Regular Guy: Growing up with Autism

by Laura Shumaker

Carly’s Voice: Breaking Through Autism

by Arthur Fleischmann and Carly Fleischmann

Other Books Of Interest

NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity

by Steve Silberman and Oliver Sacks

The Autism Job Club: The Neurodiverse Work Force in the New Normal of Employment

by Michael S. Bernick and Richard Holden

Resources For Education

Special Education Law

Peter W.D. Wright, Esq., Pamela Darr Wright, M.A., MSW

From Emotions to Advocacy, The Special Education Survival Guide

by Pam Wright and Pete Wright


We provide a variety of stimulation and activities to promote progress: Dedicated team members, variety in sessions, and rotations throughout the week.