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What Is.
ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific method that has been proven to be effective in addressing the core deficits in behavior, social interaction, and communication that are associated with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related disorders. At Steps to Progress LLC, our goal is to use these behavioral techniques to decrease behaviors that are disruptive and interfere with the individual’s ability to function or learn new skills, while simultaneously building appropriate replacement behaviors. These techniques encourage positive behaviors, improve learning abilities, and help develop useful skills so that our clients can live the best life possible.

Working with Our ABA Therapists: What to Expect

At Steps to Progress LLC we focus on building core behavioral skills that will maximize the child’s learning. We do not simply teach rote skills to our clients.

Our therapists are trained to take a structured yet flexible approach when working with their clients. They are given specific goals to work on with their clients; however, they are trained to be flexible in how they target each skill. They are not forced into a rigid prompt protocol.

Our staff are taught to assess in the moment and adjust how they are teaching the skill as needed. If the child is performing well with the skill, the therapist has the ability to make the lesson more challenging to maximize their acquisition rate. We also emphasize building and teaching skills with our clients in a functional way. The skills that we build are appropriate to each child’s individual needs and functioning level.

Our ABA Therapists typically practice the following:

  • Evaluate and define goals for the child;
  • Identify problematic behaviors through observance;
  • Promote, manage and reward positive behaviors to minimize problem behaviors in various environments;
  • Teach communication skills through reading, imagery and/or verbally;
  • Provide recommendations to parents, caretakers, teachers on how to apply strategies to better help the child’s progress; and
  • Maintain ongoing evaluations with objective measurements and reports.

Our end goal at Steps to Progress LLC is to provide the most effective therapy for each individual to maximize their potential. Through our services and therapies, we are able to improve positive behaviors and develop skills that will foster a meaningful and happy life.

To find out if ABA therapy is right for your child or if you have any questions we may have not answered above, please contact us.


We assign therapy to children on a 1-on-1 basis. One therapist to one child and all therapists are trained to react and “think on their feet.”