Why Us?

Compassion First

At Steps to Progress we understand that individuals on the spectrum experience the world differently. They often have unique perspectives that aid in problem-solving, and these qualities can be an integral part of who they are as a person.

However, people with autism may also struggle with expressing themselves effectively. They also may become extremely distressed over small challenges or changes in the environment. Understanding the causes of problem behavior and approaching treatment with compassion is a mainstay at Steps to Progress.

At our clinic, signs of distress are recognized early. From there, we teach replacement behaviors to ensure each child is given the fullest level of support they need to experience the world with confidence.

Teaching with Respect

We start treatment by first creating an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy space filled with items and activities that each child loves. We allow the child to lead the interaction and focus on rapport development and establishing trust rather than rushing to gain compliance. By prioritizing safety and positive experiences for our clients we ensure that learning is fast-tracked and a healthy balance of child-led and therapist-led time is established.

Individualized ABA Treatment

Before treatment starts, your child’s case is assigned to one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). Our BCBAs will conduct an intake assessment to determine your child’s exact skill level with communication, social interaction, and independence as well as any observable problem behaviors that may interfere with learning.

Following this, the BCBA will develop an individualized treatment plan specifically designed to advance your child’s skills. The BCBA will continue to closely oversee treatment, making continuous adjustments as your child masters each step needed to learn a new skill.

Parent Training

At Steps to Progress, training each parent is more than just a conversation about your child’s treatment. We believe that hands-on, comprehensive parent training directly with their child and led by the child’s BCBA is far more effective in giving parents the tools they need to see progress.

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